Off Sale Beer and Wine – Liquor Licenses Facts

Privileges and Limitations of Off Sale Beer and Wine California Liquor License Application Requirements to Sell Alcohol

When you buy California Off Sale Beer & Wine ABC liquor license it comes with certain privileges, authority and limitations. An Off Sale Beer and Wine license authorizes you to sell beer and wine, only for consumption off the premises where you have sold the liquor. Basically, you have the privilege to sell beer and wine for your customers to take home rather than sit in your establishment and drink.

beer and wineWhen you buy California Off Sale Beer and Wine ABC liquor license you can sell alcohol that can be taken out of the premise or store and be consumed at home. Minors are allowed in the store’s premises; however, they cannot purchase any of your items for sale.

The Off Sale Beer & Wine California liquor license application requirements to sell alcohol require you to follow state and federal laws. You must understand the pertinent laws, regulations and rules before applying. You must also seek out the US Treasury Department Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to obtain permission to sell.

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