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Liquor License Leaders specializes in buying and selling liquor licenses in California and consulting in the alcoholic beverage industry. We take great pride in our work and the services we provide. After visiting our website, feel free to contact us at (800) 846-0064 with any questions you may have.

In the United States, liquor licenses are required in every state including California for companies that are going to sell liquor. There are three types of California liquor licenses which may be required by the state: restaurant, beer and wine, and tavern. A restaurant liquor license allows the restaurant to serve alcohol to patrons. It is the most common license used in California. Beer and wine liquor licenses are typically general licenses meaning that strong spirits cannot be served or sold under that license. A tavern liquor license is also used for restaurants which serve alcohol and food, yet their sales are about 50% liquor.

Department of Alcoholic Beverage ControlEach state has specific rules and California is no different. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage or ABC in California determines the rules. In 1955 the ABC was established to issue, deny, suspend, or revoke any alcoholic beverage license. There are three divisions in the licensing department: administration, licensing, and compliance. They have specific responsibilities such as on sale general, off sale general, on sale beer and wine, off sale beer and wine, and on sale beer. Each of these liquor licenses has a different application process.

Businesses such as restaurants selling liquor as part of their drink menu require a California ABC liquor license. A tavern in which 50% of sales are liquor and the rest is food also needs to have the right license. Most places which are going to have food and beverages will need a license. Bars where food may not be served, nightclubs with or without food, and liquor stores all need to have the proper liquor licenses in order to sell and operate.

liquor aisleABC provides the necessary information and help for business owners to obtain a liquor license for sale in California and sell liquor. When an establishment is sold to a new owner ABC can also help transfer the license, which is actually a sale of the license to the buyer. Both processes are different and thus there is a different department which makes certain the owner and company are checked out for buying and selling liquor licenses. ABC determines if the proper zoning is in place for buying a liquor license. They also check to make sure the license can be sold or if changes in that commercial district restrict liquor licenses now. The office is designed to ensure a business owner has the information they need to operate their business legally.

Consultants can be used to help get a liquor license by helping with document preparation before going to the ABC liquor license application office. Consultants and other assistant services can even follow up on zoning applications and licenses. For California ABC liquor license buying, selling, and alcohol industry consulting, call the business experts at 800-846-0064 today.

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Beginning the Process

Acquiring a License to Sell Alcohol in California

1 – Getting secure property

While it takes at least 90 days for the California ABC to approve a license there is one sure fire way to get a rejection, not having Secure Property to obtain California Liquor License. It is one of the strictest California ABC liquor license application requirements that every license be tied to a physical location. This means you must take steps to Secure Property to obtain California Liquor License.

2 – Locating a liquor license

One can file for a new license to sell liquor or buy ABC liquor license for sale in California. There are benefits to both options, as well as drawbacks. For new licenses the application requirements for California liquor license are perhaps the toughest hurdle. Not only does one need capital to secure property, lack a criminal background, and jump though a bunch of local and federal hoops, but they must provide extensive documentation to the ABC. On the other hand, the process to buy ABC liquor license for sale in California has many base requirements covered, and the transfer process is much simpler. The types of liquor licenses for sale at any given time may be limited.

3 – Opening escrow to hold funds

If your business is interested in selling alcohol, you will need a liquor license in California. But if you plan on getting a California liquor license, you are going to find that the process of getting this license isn’t as simple as applying for it.

Instead, California requires that anyone who will be buying a liquor license will have their funds placed with an escrow holder. This is designed to help ensure that sellers have all their debts satisfied that they owe, while the buyer is meeting the requirements for Alcohol Beverage Control.

The use of escrow for a liquor license in California allows the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to reduce the amount of fraud that can take place in the state, while ensuring the buyers and sellers maintain the legal process.

As an additional benefit to the buyer and the seller the escrow company handling the transfer of the California liquor license will have no vested interest in either side of the transaction, ensuring that the transaction does not benefit one party more than the others.

During the escrow process, the full purchase price of the liquor license must be held before a license can be considered for transfer. Within 30 days of an application to the Alcohol Beverage Control department, the buyer must provide statement that states the funds have been placed in escrow. Once approved by the ABC department, the transfer of the liquor license in California may take place.

Acceptable funds for this process may include: Cashier’s Check, Cash, Items of Value,  Promissory Notes, & Property.

It is important to understand that unlike other forms of escrow, the transfer of a California liquor license will only close when the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control has provided written authorization for the transaction to take place.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you choose the right escrow company to handle this transaction:

  1. Look into the amount of time that they have been in business.
  2. Ensure that the escrow company isn’t pressuring a sale to take place.
  3. Check with the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to ensure the escrow company is reputable.

Since it is vital that all the requirements be met in this process, you will need to ensure that you are working with a company that understands the process of transferring a liquor license like Liquor License Leaders. We will help you get connected with a trusted escrow company before you enter a liquor license transaction.

4 – Submitting ABC application

Once you know the type of Liquor license your business requires, you also need to address the California ABC application requirements to get a liquor license to sell alcohol. A major part of how to obtain a liquor license is seeking the advise of a licensing specialists. Doing this will ensure that all California liquor license application’s requirements to get a liquor license to sell alcohol are met and that the proper application is filed for the license required.  Temporary retail permits can also be gained this way in the event of a license transfer. License application period for investigations is 75 to 90 days. Additionally, you will want to ensure as you look at how to obtain California liquor license application that you address all federal and local rules that apply to your business goal.

5 – Scheduling final inspections

Putting in your application and securing property is only part of what needs to be done. The ABC final inspections to obtain a California liquor license requires compliance with all the federal and local rules. You will need to post a letter of intent for the business that allows

 the public a chance to have a say before the license will be granted.

This means that at least 30 days before you are due to open you must post a sign that the public can see and allow them time to air protests if deemed necessary.  Often times the ABC final inspection to obtain your liquor license is longer then 90 days so all your legal requirements must remain flexible enough to deal with the unexpected steps for final approval.

Before making an appointment to do the ABC final inspection  have all the federal special occupational tax stamps, permits, and local zoning requirements taken care of.  

If you are unsure about meeting all these steps call the business experts at 800-846-0064.

ABC Retail & Temporary Permit Application, & Escrows

Liquor Licenses in California

Liquor License Leaders maintains a customized database that will identify the Type of liquor licenses in California, you will require for your business. Our offices have contacts across the State that provide us with additional inventory through listing agreements, tax sales, retired ABC investigators and several liquor licensing representatives and ABC consultants.

Liquor License Leaders is proud of the reputation we have established and the relationships that we have forged over the last ten years and all these factors contribute to the success of our California liquor license clientele.

Please feel free to contact one of our liquor licensing specialists at 1-800-846-0064 or submit the following questionnaire regarding your project and we will get back to you shortly.

Ways to Buy or Obtain ABC Liquor License in California

There are a number of means one can use to obtain ABC liquor license in California.  How to obtain California liquor license ranges from doing it yourself to working with a networked broker who might have contacts to get you the perfect license for the business you want to run.  What method is the best one to use when seeking to obtain ABC liquor license in California?  That depends on how much help you need and the complexity of the rules where you want to establish yourself.

The most popular methods used to obtain ABC liquor license in California consist of using liquor licensing companies, licensing brokers, business auctions. word of mouth, and doing it yourself.  Each method how to obtain California liquor license has their own risks to consider.  As a business owner works out how to obtain California liquor license, chances are weighing the pros and cons for each method to obtain ABC liquor license in California will help with the overall process, making getting a license in California to sell liquor much easier.

Using an established business to help obtain ABC liquor license in California will cost you in funds, but if you are short on time, they can get you what you need quickly and help with the paperwork.  Licenses of this type are not cheap, and working out something privately by doing it yourself can save some money, but if you do not know how to obtain California liquor license you run the risk of filing the wrong forms and costing yourself in delays and setbacks.

When looking at how to obtain California liquor license consider how county regulations and license type impact the price of trying to obtain ABC liquor license in California. Following the specific regulations in your case, establishing an escrow account, and filing the right forms the first time can make the process to obtain ABC liquor license in California much easier.  When seeking how to obtain California liquor license, or sell an existing one, call the business experts at 800-846-0064 today.

California On-Sale and Off-Sale Liquor License

Liquor Licenses in California

Liquor License Leaders has a proven track record with over one thousand transferred  liquor licenses in California. Our clients are prequalified and ready to proceed with the Department of ABC before we will enter into an escrow agreement with a licensee.

Our offices will also provide seller’s with comps in their county so they are up to date with recent sales and confident they are being paid fair market value for their liquor license in California.

Please contact one of our California liquor licensing specialists at 1-800-846-0064 for a free price quote in your county or submit the following questionnaire regarding your liquor license and we will get back to you shortly.

Do You Have a California Liquor License for Sale?

California Liquor License represents an investment.  Like other investments, it can be sold to someone else.  But how to legally put your California liquor license for sale? There are actually a number of ways to sell liquor license to serve alcohol to someone else, either alone or with the underlying business.  When putting your California liquor license for sale you can contact liquor licensing companies or brokers, place a listing on an auction website, or try to do it yourself with a for sale by owner listing.

Trying to sell liquor license to serve alcohol through a firm or broker that specializes in such things will mean paying a commission on the license transfer.  However, it can also make the difference in the California liquor license for sale quickly being snapped up by an interested buyer or sitting there while it loses value.  An auction website might get you a minimum bid sale or earn you more than you expect when you sell liquor license to serve alcohol. It would be a gamble but one that you could take if speed and smaller commission matter to you.

Keep in mind that if you have a California liquor license for sale you will want to locate a buyer who can pass the background checks and have the funds needed to pay any fees required by law.  This might make the higher commissions paid to sell liquor license to serve alcohol through a firm or broker more attractive as they typically handle escrow accounts and other background processes, like checking for criminal history of the interested parties. Placing your California liquor license for sale does not remove legal requirements from you to follow the law concerning it.

In order to sell liquor license to serve alcohol you must ensure that the party buying it will pass the checks from ABC.  Using a broker or business that deals with these transactions can make the process smoother.  If you have a California liquor license for sale or would like to buy one and need more information, call the Experts at 800-846-0064 today.

Trusted California Liquor License Requirements Advisor for Beer, Wine and Spirits Permit Application

Alcoholic Beverage Control | CA

Alcohol License in California | Liquor License California | Image of a Wine Merchant

Possessing great knowledge of the Alcoholic Beverage Control in CA, our president and founder, James D. Yaker, is highly respected amongst his peers for his ethical principled and professional manner. With over twenty-five years experience in the liquor license industry in California, Jim Yaker and his staff are well equipped to handle any transaction you require.

Our ABC consultants look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience in assisting you with all your liquor licensing needsLiquor License Leaders understands the necessity for saving time and saving money and will guarantee you 100% from our staff every step of the way.

In addition to maintaining a positive working relationship and having an open door policy, Liquor License Leaders cooperates with a select group of consultants that share our goals and philosophy when processing your application. We also offer our clients the benefit of a customized database that monitors and tracks the daily activity and status for every liquor license in California.

Liquor License Leaders has experience in every facet of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry and will be instrumental in obtaining your California liquor license on schedule and before you open your doors.

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Liquor License in California

Alcohol License in California | Liquor License California | Image of a Wine Merchant At Liquor License Leaders, Integrity Commitment and Teamwork are just a few of the reasons our clients keep coming back for their Liquor License in California. Our staff of experts will provide you with all the necessary documents required by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control before filing your application. Once we have gathered and reviewed all your information, we will contact the respective ABC office for your county and schedule an appointment. Liquor License Leaders strongly recommends using a third party escrow when processing your application and will confirm that all your documents are signed, notarized and recorded properly. The standard processing time is approximately 60 – 90 days, however, we do understand that applications may vary and will structure your deal accordingly. After submitting your application to the Department of ABC, Liquor License Leaders will contact their office to speak with your assigned investigator and confirm they have everything that has been requested to process your California liquor license.

Looking Forward To Your Patronage

Liquor License Leaders is proud to represent such clients as Brinker Restaurant Corporation (Chili’s; Romano’s Macaroni Grill; Maggiano’s;), Thrifty Payless/Rite-Aid and Jaco Oil (Fastrip Stores) as well as many other hotel, restaurant and supermarket chains. We are confident that with our experience and high rate of success that you will be extremely satisfied and become a client of Liquor License Leaders. For more information about a liquor license in California, please fax, email or contact us at 1-800-846-0064 for a free consultation and a price quote for a liquor license in your county.
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“We have worked with Liquor License Leaders for many years and have always found Jim and his team to be responsive and professional. Whether it is assisting with all of the paperwork required during a transaction, communicating with Alcoholic Beverage Control agents, or just answering our general questions, Liquor License Leaders goes the extra mile and makes sure that all our needs are met.” Bob Spivak, President and CEO of Grill Concepts Inc.

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