Restaurant Owners Must Know: Regulations

How to Buy a California On-Sale Beer & Wine Eating Place ABC Liquor License

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) offers various types of liquor licenses and many seek out answers on how to buy a California on-sale beer & wine restaurant ABC liquor license—those for sale along with what’s included in the liquor license application requirements to sell alcohol.

This license, per the ABC, “authorizes the sale of all types of wine and malt beverages (e.g., beer, porter, ale, stout and malt liquor) for consumption on and off the premises.” Rules for an on-sale liquor license include owning a qualified restaurant establishment, meaning a place that also sells various types of food throughout different times of the day.


Restaurants, clubs, cafes and other eateries will benefit from the purchase of this type of license. Liquor sales are often desired on-site during the consumption of food and those holding this ABC license may also sell beer and wine to customers to enjoy off the premises.

There are rules and regulations in order to buy a California on-sale beer & wine eating place liquor license and there are many available licenses for sale. If you are looking to purchase an on-sale beer & wine permit, you many also need to understand the liquor license application & requirements to sell alcohol at your establishment.

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