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ABC Liquor License California

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The California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) was established in 1955 as the state’s main authority on the issuance, denial, suspension and revocation of an ABC Liquor License in California. The ABC license application process is then designed to grant a privilege for the license holder to offer and sell alcoholic beverages within specific locations. The ABC license California has investigators known as peace officers responsible for the investigations into violations and their related arrests, when necessary.

Several types of retail licenses for alcoholic beverages can be applied for at the ABC.

On Sale General

This allows the sale of all types of alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and distilled spirits, which should be consumed on the premises, as well as the sale of wine and beer for consumption off the license holder’s premises. Within this category are several sub-categories that interested individuals in the ABC license application process must be aware of including:

• On Sale General – Eating Place (Restaurant)

The premises must be a bona fide eating place, which means that it must have suitable kitchen facilities for the preparation of actual and substantial meals (i.e., not just appetizers and starters as accompaniment to the alcoholic beverages) for consumption inside the restaurant where minors are not allowed.

• On Sale General – Public Premises (Bar, Night Club)

The establishment must not allow minors to enter and to remain in its premises. This California liquor license authorizes the sales of wine, beer and distilled spirits for consumption on and off the premises but, unlike restaurants, food service is not necessary.

• On Sale General – Seasonal

The ABC license application terms and conditions are similar to On Sale General Eating Place but the period in which the alcoholic beverages can be sold is specified in the license.

Off Sale General

This California liquor license allows for the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits, among other types of alcoholic beverages, which can be consumed off the store in their original and sealed containers.

On Sale Beer and Wine

This is different from the above mentioned On Sale General license in that only wines and malt beverages like porter, beer and malt liquor can be sold by the establishment and then consumed on and off the premises.

• On Sale Beer & Wine – Eating Place (Restaurant)

This is similar to On Sale General Eating Place except that distilled spirits like brandy, rum and liqueurs used exclusively for cooking purposes are not allowed on the premises.

• On Sale Beer & Wine – Public Premises (Bar, Tavern)

Again, distilled spirits are not allowed on the premises because only beer and wine are allowed for sale. Food service is not necessary but minors are not allowed inside the establishment.

On Sale Beer

The license authorizes the sale of malt beverages like malt liquor, stout and beer that can be consumed on and off the establishment’s premises. Distilled spirits and wines are not allowed for sale but offering full meals on the menu are not required; snacks like sandwiches, nonetheless, must be offered to customers.

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