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Did you know that an approved and issued ABC liquor license California can be transferred from its original licensee to another person? But the transfer is not as simple as handing over the papers to the new owner and being done with it! The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), the state’s main authority on the approval, suspension and revocation of liquor licenses in California, has specific rules and regulations regarding the transfer of hands regarding any liquor license for sale in California.

Filing of Transfer Application

The ABC must be notified in writing about the planned transfer of the liquor license for sale in California between the seller and the buyer. A duly accomplished application forms signed by both parties is required with the ABC reserving the authority to either deny or grant the transfer. For example, the Alcoholic Beverage Control can deny the transfer application when the transferee/applicant does not meet the requirements for licensees.

In case the original California liquor license will be used on premises different from the original on the license, the ABC will likewise grant or deny its approval on valid grounds.

Indeed, the act of filing the application for ABC Liquor License transfer does not automatically mean that the transfer is legal, far from it. Keep in mind that third parties may file protests or make accusations that can result in either the delay or the denial of the transfer.

Time of Transfer

In most cases, the investigations related to the transfer of the ABC liquor license California takes anywhere from 55 to 65 days. The law requires that the transfer cannot be made for a minimum of 30 days.

Be sure to coordinate with the proper authorities before making any plans for renovations and repairs, grand openings, and extensive financial commitments. The application may be delayed or denied.

Transfer Process

The transfer process itself is relatively simple with the assumption that both the transferor and the transferee know the ins and outs. (This is where the expert assistance of California liquor license experts comes in)

• The applicant – you, for example – must proceed to the nearest ABC District Office.

• You will be asked questions by the ABC staff member regarding the type of license necessary in accordance with the establishment’s proposed operation (i.e., restaurant, bar, or tavern)

• You will be advised about the forms and fees for the ABC liquor license California including but not limited to zoning permits, escrow accounts, and certified copy of a Notice of Intended Transfer.

• You should pay the fees, when applicable.

• The ABC will mail a copy of your application to local officials such as the police department, the city planning department and the city council when the premises are in the city. It will also conduct an investigation into the California liquor license application.

Keep in mind that the process is not a mail-in one because the ABC will require personal information including personal history affidavits from the applicant as well as the interview portion and the part where a video about ABC laws are shown. You may or may not be issued a temporary permit at this time.

Because the transfer process of the ABC liquor license California can be tricky and time-consuming, the assistance of experts from the Liquor License Leaders is, indeed, a must.